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At ASTAR, we are not solely focused on providing OQ, Training and D&A Services; instead we are dedicated to being an all-around solution for your company’s compliance needs.  In order to better serve you, we are now offering on-site contract safety personnel. These ASTAR provided safety professionals will have proven resumes and will undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure that each company receives the quality services they expect and deserve.

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I was hired at Denbow Company as the Safety Manager, but was quickly tasked with managing our OQ program. I had no idea what an OQ program was or where to get started with our own program. I can’t thank Tracy, Jeremy, Sam, Rudy and the rest of ASTAR enough for walking me through, step by step, provider by provider, to make sure I understood the different tasks and requirements that are necessary to implement a successful OQ program…

Jared Malcolm – Safety & OQ Manager, Denbow Company, INC.

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