ASTAR has provided OQ personnel on every AMAOP.8 design factor project to date.

Williams/Atlantic Sunrise

183 miles of 30” to 42” pipe spanning from northern Columbia county to southern Lancaster county in Pennsylvania. ASTAR is providing full time OQ evaluators as well as trainers for Welded Construction who is performing construction activities on the southern portion of the project. ASTAR training duties include onboarding, site specific training, Williams safety training, and rigger training for all contract employees on spreads 5, 6, and 7. ASTAR also worked with Welded to provide onsite OQ evaluators to evaluate all affected contract personnel per the Williams OQ requirements.

TransCanada / Keystone Gulf Coast Project

435 miles of 36″ from Cushing, OK to Nederland, TX. ASTAR provided 12 full-time OQ evaluators, OQ administrators, and compliance directors on each spread of the project (TransCanada, Michels, Sunland, Matrix, Wanzek). ASTAR personnel responsibilities included consulting with PHMSA and TransCanada to provide the required documentation to ensure every employee was qualified per the OQ rule. OQ personnel also provided specification training to all employees from the Cushing tank farm to the Nederland station. ASTAR also aided TransCanada in determining the appropriate task list for the project.

El Paso / Ruby Pipeline

680 Miles of 42”, three billion dollar pipeline from the Opal Hub in Wyoming to Malin, OR. ASTAR provided full-time OQ administrators on spread 4,5,6 (Precision Pipeline, Rockford Corp.) Responsibilities included performing OQ qualifications on all contractor personnel.

ASTAR provided a full time auditor to ensure all OQ paperwork related to this alternative MAOP .8 design factor job was in compliance with the El Paso Corp OQ plan.

TransCanada / Bison Project

303 mile, 600 million dollar project from Gillette, WY to Dickinson, ND. ASTAR provided four full-time OQ administrators to manage and direct OQ requirements on this alternative MAOP .8 design factor job. Responsibilities included administering FERC procedure training to all company inspectors, administering all OQ to company inspectors, managing all contractor OQ, performing and documenting field audits to ensure the required OQ was in place while covered tasks were being performed.

TransCanada / Keystone / Cushing Extension

330 Miles of 36” pipeline from Steal City, NE to Cushing, OK.  ASTAR administered OQ to all company inspectors on all spreads of this project.

Energy Transfer / Fayetteville Express

185 mile natural gas pipeline from Conway County, AR to Panola County, MS. ASTAR provided OQ to all of the inspection personnel for the length of the project.



I was hired at Denbow Company as the Safety Manager, but was quickly tasked with managing our OQ program. I had no idea what an OQ program was or where to get started with our own program. I can’t thank Tracy, Jeremy, Sam, Rudy and the rest of ASTAR enough for walking me through, step by step, provider by provider, to make sure I understood the different tasks and requirements that are necessary to implement a successful OQ program…

Jared Malcolm – Safety & OQ Manager, Denbow Company, INC.

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